Greetings Cards

Talented artists have generously allowed us to print their artwork as cards. When you buy these cards, the charities we support will benefit from the full price, either by Fulcrum investing in an asset or through a grant.

The cards are sold in packs of 10 (2 of each design plus 2 additional cards). Each card is A6 in size, blank inside, the back includes description of Fulcrum and artists credits.

Greeting Cards - Series 01


  Into the Blue
an acrylic painting by
Emily Dewsnap
an artist from Leeds, UK
  Breaker on ther Shore - Iona
a watercolour by
Gill Douglas
an artist from York,UK
  Tunel Verde (Potteric Carr)
an oil painting by
Olga Huluta
an artist from Bucharest, Romania
  Santa Rita Esplendor
an oil painting by
AnDe Herbert
an artistist from Green Valley, Arizona, USA

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