Fulcrum raises funds in variety of ways. As with all donations, 100% of purchase price (excluding p&p or payment surcharges) is either invested in an asset for a associated charity or is given as a grant.


Charity Gala

Three successful galas have been held in the recent years, raising awareness and money for the highlighted charities on the night.

Various Initiatives


Working on projects like 32Stories, promote awareness of the many charities in York and indirectly simulate donations to the causes.

The website with the featured stories can be found here.


Talented artists have generously allowed us to print their artwork as cards. When you buy these cards, the charities we support will benefit from the full price, either by Fulcrum investing in an asset for them or through giving of a grant.

The cards are sold in packs of 10 (2 of each design plus 2 additional cards). Each card is A6 in size, blank inside, the back includes description of Fulcrum and artists credits.

Series #01 is available from the store front now. Currently series #02 is being complipled. Contact us if your interest in allowing us to use your artwork.

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